The power of responsibility

We embrace our responsibilities

Individually and collectively we make meaningful commitments – first to each other and then to those with whom we work, live and serve. We understand and focus on the needs of our customers. We are responsible members of our communities who are dedicated to safety, the care of our environment and the ethical management of our business. We know it is both our responsibility and our privilege to carry the Barloworld heritage forward.


We take personal responsibility

We are committed to the success of Barloworld. We are each personally accountable for meeting both individual and shared goals. We demonstrate leadership by holding ourselves individually responsible for enhancing stakeholder value.

We protect our physical assets, brands, information and other intellectual property

We go to extraordinary lengths to preserve, protect and responsibly use all of our assets. This includes tangible as well as intangible assets, such as our brands, technology, business information and intellectual capital. We will not make unauthorised disclosure of trade secrets or other sensitive or confidential information belonging to the company, our customers, principals or suppliers – either during our employment with the company or thereafter.When sharing company information with others, we ensure appropriate controls are in place to protect the interests of the company. While we may hire individuals who have knowledge and experience in various technical areas, we do not employ people as a means of gaining access to trade secrets and sensitive information of others. We have a personal responsibility to use every appropriate means to safeguard Barloworld assets and information from loss, theft, damage or misuse.

We use electronic communications technology responsibly and professionally

Electronic communications technology plays a vital role in how we conduct our business every day. Access to the Internet and use of Barloworld intranet systems, e-mail, telephones, fax machines and mobile devices are important. The company’s technology is maintained for legitimate business activities by authorised individuals and to support a positive, professional business climate. As employees, we are expected to use such technology in a responsible and professional manner consistent with our Code of Conduct and other company policies.

We recognise and respect personal privacy

We recognise and respect the personal information privacy interest of individuals. We collect and process only relevant, accurate information needed or appropriate for business purposes and do so only by lawful and fair means. We appropriately safeguard the security and confidentiality of company records containing personal information and limit access to such information to those who have a legitimate business need for it when permitted by law.

We are committed to fair labour practices

We comply with all applicable labour laws in the countries in which we operate and uphold international conventions on human rights and the protection of workers. We do not tolerate any form of forced or compulsory labour and we prohibit child labour. The right of all employees to freedom of association is recognised and we manage collective labour relations through a process of constructive engagement.

We respect and contribute to the realisation of human rights

Barloworld has a long-standing commitment to human rights and the dignity of all people. We create a work environment that recognises the rights of employees so that we can all enjoy a workplace that is respectful, puts safety first and values fairness, responsibility, transparency and diversity. We work with principals and suppliers who also demonstrate strong values and ethical principles and avoid those who violate the law or fail to comply with the sound business practices we promote.

We make responsible ownership and investment decisions

Barloworld investments must be compatible with the social and economic priorities, local laws, customs and traditions of the countries where we do business. In all cases, our conduct should promote acceptance and respect for our company. We also expect that our host countries will recognise the need for stability, growth and business success and that they will honour their agreements, including those relating to the rights and properties of citizens of other nations.