Barloworld’s key asset is the intellectual capacities and skills of its employees. Employees are central to the implementation and success of our vision and strategy. We aspire to creating an organisation of the future where we deliver employee value by engaging the hearts and minds of all employees so that they come to work with a sense of purpose and leave with a sense of achievement.

Our people strategy supports the business model in delivering the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) articulated in our people statement and strategic intent.

Our strategic intent is to build an organisation that adds value to employees as our success is based on inspired, aligned, empowered, results-driven, globally competitive, passionate people who create value through strategic innovation and continuous improvement.

Barloworld offers careers, internships, learnerships and bursaries to candidates who meet the relevant professional requirements. We strive to attract and develop people of the highest calibre. All employees of Barloworld are expected to practise values of honesty, reliability and integrity. If you feel that you can subscribe to the principles of our Shared Value approach and Worldwide Code of Conduct, consider joining our team.

Barloworld operates in a decentralised structure and each of our divisions are responsible for acquiring and managing their opportunities. To search and apply for a position, please view the vacancies list.

We focus on values of:

  • Integrity


  • Excellence


  • Teamwork


  • Commitment


  • Sustainability