Driven to deliver results

Established in 2001, Barloworld Logistics has grown into a significant supply chain solutions business in southern Africa. Long-term partnerships with blue chip clients such as Illovo, Nike SA, PPC, Mars, BP, Toyota SA, Unilever, Corobrik and Barloworld Equipment not only highlight our capabilities, but also our commitment to delivering successful supply chain solutions that work well into the future.

Masterminding innovative supply chain solutions

At Barloworld Logistics we believe your supply chain is a key enabler of success. It’s why we’re driven to make your supply chain work harder for your business.

In addition to optimising individual logistics functions, Barloworld Logistics has led the way in adopting an integrated approach to supply chain management. Our strategy is simple. We link your supply chain to your business strategy. In other words, we ensure you have the right operations, resources and capabilities to implement your strategy and realise your vision.

By combining strategy, planning and management with excellent operational execution, we analyse, design, implement, manage and operate entire supply chains.

As a result, a new breed of optimised supply chains is being developed. Supply chains that are designed around your business goals. Supply chains that are far more efficient, effective, flexible and responsive to ever changing market needs. We create smart supply chain solutions that level the playing field and give your business a competitive advantage.

Our services include:

  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Supply chain advisory
  • Supply chain management
  • Freight forwarding
  • Transport solutions
  • Transport management services
  • Supply chain planning solutions
  • Environmental solutions
  • Rail supply chain solutions
  • Temperature controlled solutions
  • Manline
  • Manline Energy
    Manline Energy
  • Manline Freight
    Manline Freight
  • Timber24
  • Aspen
    Aspen Logistics
  • Barloworld Transport
    Barloworld Transport