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Barloworld Siyakhula hosts a beneficiaries connect session

31 January 2020

JOHANNESBURG, 31 January 2020: Barloworld underpinned its commitment increasing supplier diversity, promoting empowerment and providing opportunities to small and medium-sized suppliers (SMMEs) within its value chain by hosting the Siyakhula beneficiaries connect session. The objective of the session was to review impact, explore ways to make the programme efficient and even more impactful.

Barloworld Siyakhula, launched 2007, has over the years been an important pillar of Barloworld’s broader transformation drive. At the core e of the initiative is Barloworld’s belief is that as entrepreneurs grow, they contribute to communities as job creators.

Speaking at the workshop, Barloworld Group Executive for Corporate Affairs Gugu Sepamla said,“It has been 13 years since Siyakhula was established; as we kick off 2020, it’s an opportune time for us to look back, review the impact of our programme in the context of where we want to go and to ensure continuous improvement in its operations.”

Principal host of the workshop was Hlonela Lupuwana-Pemba, the Executive for Commercial, Enterprise and Supplier Development. She said the following with regard to the significance of the workshop, “this is part of an internal strategic initiative at Barloworld focused on reviewing our portfolio of projects and programmes with a view to ensure that all funded programmes are aligned with our broader business strategy and meet the expectations of all our stakeholders.”

Siyakhula was created 13 years ago in 2007 under different operating conditions, Hlonela noted.

The workshop, she said “was focused on making sure that Siyakhula continues to achieve its objectives. Where it has not, we need to engage stakeholders to understand their experiences, identify stumbling blocks and thereafter fix and optimize the programme’s operations to ensure that Siyakhula is aligned to Barloworld’s business strategy and truly makes a difference.”

Over 25 beneficiaries, seasoned enterprises and other beneficiaries at different stages in their partnership with Siyakhula attended the workshop and took the opportunity to be co-creators in the improvement of Siyakhula.

About Siyakhula

Launched in 2007, with seed capital of R20 million, Siyakhula has measurably promoted B-BBEE by providing tailored interventions for SMMEs and other companies operating in the Barloworld value chain to overcome typical challenges, amongst which are, market access, access to finance and skills development.

As a champion of supplier diversity within the Barloworld group of companies, Siyakhula has:

Invested over R300 million to provide assistance to 150 SMMEs who collectively have sustained an estimated 750 jobs.

Barloworld allocates 3% of South Africa's net profit after tax to the programme to sustain efforts to support and develop entrepreneurs in our communities.
Siyakhula has partnered with financial institutions to provide financing solutions to programme participants. In addition, we have contracted third-party suppliers in the form of Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) agencies to provide support.