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Barloworld fraud alert on recruitment scams!

02 March 2018

Barloworld South Africa (Pty) Ltd would like to issue an urgent warning about fraudulent recruitment scams using either Barloworld’s name or variations of the following names:

  • Barloworld Logistics
  • Barloworld Transport
  • Barloworld Equipment
  • Barloworld Automotive
  • Barloworld Ltd
  • Barloworld Handling
  • Hyster

Methods used

  • Fake adverts offering jobs, learner-ships, apprenticeships or study bursaries appear on social media platforms, employment websites online, as well as newspapers;
  • Applicants are often presented with realistic looking application forms to complete;
  • Fraudsters request monies to be deposited into their bank account by applicants to further the process;
  • The fraudsters also request payment from applicants with a promise that interviews are being arranged at Barloworld;
  • Applicants are often asked to send through copies of their identity documents, qualifications and driver’s licence, which suggests that this information may be used in other criminal activities.

Contact Persons and Email addresses

  • Fraudsters are often using the following contact details
    • Gmail mail addresses as their contact email address;
    • cell-phone numbers as their contact numbers;
    • “spoof” a correct Barloworld email address
    • or create a fake email address which appears to be a legitimate address e.g.

Advice from Barloworld

Members of the public must be vigilant in connection with what appears to be Barloworld related recruitment activities and should in the first instance check the Barloworld and Barloworld divisional websites for the authentic contact numbers and e-mail addresses.

Neither Barloworld nor any of its divisions will ever request payment of any kind for any job vacancy, learner-ship, apprenticeships or study bursary that Barloworld has available.

Any suspicious activity should be reported to Barloworld’s Ethics Line on:

South Africa:


0800 003 248


0800 867 451





KZN 138, Umhlanga Rocks, 4320


  • +27 31 571 5633*

* (standard SMS and international call rates apply)

2 March 2018