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Barloworld reaches 170 000 meal packing target

23 October 2015

Feeding 1.7-million children with Stop Hunger Now’s packed meals for World Hunger Action Month

OCTOBER, 23 2015: TODAY Barloworld successfully completed its self-imposed challenge by packing 170 000 meals for beneficiaries in Mozambique and South Africa to raise awareness for World Hunger Action Month.

Barloworld, a distributor of leading global brands, partnered with global non-profit organisation Stop Hunger SA to make a difference to the plight of those living with chronic hunger with a challenge that roped in its employees, suppliers, volunteers and the media to pack 170 000 meals.

Barloworld and Stop Hunger Now Southern Africa today celebrated reaching their target of packing 170 000 meals in support of World Hunger Action Month. Today in South Africa, they packed 100 000 meals and last week in Mozambique 70 000 meals were packed. Pictured from left: Stop Hunger Now Southern Africa Gauteng Branch Manager, Brian Nell, and Barloworld employees Deniele Naidoo and Kisho Buberwa.

A human production line of 20 people per workstation is assembled to pack the meals, which contain rice, soya, a mix of dehydrated vegetables and a nutrient sachet, produced by Heinz, containing 21 vitamins and minerals.

On 16 October, also marked by World Food Day, the first meal challenge took place in Mozambique where over 325 boxes containing more than 70 000 meals were packed. The event was part of the 70th birthday celebrations of Graça Machel, Stop Hunger Now’s chief patron.

In South Africa today, Barloworld built on this momentum and packed 100 000 for the second leg of the challenge.

Sibani Mngomezulu, Barloworld Group Executive for Human Resources, Strategy and Sustainability, said the company hoped that its support of World Hunger Action Month created the right kind of awareness that will inspire companies and individuals to get involved with the fight against world hunger.

“Barloworld believes our own staff should have the opportunity to also contribute through volunteerism and giving back to the community by getting involved in the meal packaging. Our people have embraced this whole-heartedly.  We are committed to making a difference wherever we have a presence and we want to contribute positively to society,” said Mngomezulu.

Saira Khan, Chief Executive Officer of Stop Hunger Now Southern Africa, said both meal packing events led by Barloworld were a huge success.

“Without the support of Barloworld, we would not have been able to undertake support of hungry children in Mozambique and the ongoing active participation of Barloworld and their staff in South Africa during World Hunger Month has special significance. The eradication of hunger the 2nd priority of the Sustainable Development Plan and we welcome and encourage corporate South Africa to support this goal. Barloworld is a leading example of how employee volunteering contributes to this priority and we are proud of our partnership with them,” she said.

FAST FACTS: What’s in the Stop Hunger Now pack?

Each packet contains rice, soya, soup mix (dehydrated vegetables) and a vitamin sachet produced by Heinz which contains 21 different vitamins and minerals.

Each meal costs R2.75.

Each packet can feed 6 adults or 10 children.

Cost of a packet is 6 x R2,75 = R16.50

There are 36 packets in a box. ( 216 meals)

A “human production line” consisting of 20 people, participating at a meal packing event can pack up to 5000 meals in two hours.

The number of meals packed will be enough to feed over 20 children five meals a week for an entire year.


Hunger kills more people every year than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.

Stunted mental and physical growth (caused by malnourishment) in the first 1000 days of life is mostly irreversible

3.1 million children in South Africa suffer from household hunger.

Global supplies of food exceed demand.

Stop Hunger Now Southern Africa provides a sustainable solution to combat hunger.