Meet Gale Lemmert, Barloworld Group Executive Risk, Ethics and Governance.

Stakeholders are increasingly demanding that companies pay close attention to their environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) obligations, and the Covid- 19 pandemic has accelerated this trend. This is partly because operating in a thriving community is ultimately good for business. In this respect, Covid-19 has been an invaluable lesson to companies of all sizes. By embedding ESG best practices into their day-to-day operations and pursuing sustainable value creation for all stakeholders, businesses will set themselves up for long-term success.
Like many of its peers, Barloworld’s strategy to produce positive ESG outcomes remains a top priority. The company is committed to playing its part in transforming society by investing in initiatives that drive economic inclusion, social cohesion and build resilient communities.

It is therefore with great excitement that we welcome Gale Lemmert back to Barloworld, with effect from 1 November 2021 Gale has joined the Barloworld Group Executive Committee as Group Executive: Risk, Ethics and Governance.

Gale is a familiar face to Barloworld as she started her career in 2003 at Barloworld Corporate Office as a Group Strategy consultant working with the Divisions. In 2007 she moved to the then Barloworld Automotive Division, where over the next 12 years, she worked in various portfolios namely, Transformation, Sustainability, Ethics, and Compliance as well as Strategy, and served on several Boards within the Group.
Gale’s vast experience and expertise span over more than 25 years and her passion for the active pursuit of ESG goals will ensure that we uphold our commitment to ensuring that we delight and serve our stakeholders ethically and professionally through effective risk management, governance, compliance, environmental stewardship, social responsibility, sustainable value creation, and economic growth.

We asked Gale 3 questions about her career journey, her goals, and her ideals for her new position at Barloworld, here is what she had to say:

Q1: Highlight to us the key experiences in your life and career that you regard as integral in leading you to where you are today?
A1:“The bulk of my career was spent at Barloworld where I was over the years exposed to various functions, businesses and sectors, working at both head office and a division. I certainly didn’t follow a linear or specialisation path in my career but was rather driven by curiosity and challenge. This allowed me to see how I could apply my core skills to new areas and challenges. Continuous learning and development is one of my most important personal values, and there was an alignment with my values and my career progression. To this end the experience and skills garnered along the way are what I will draw on for this role.”

Q2: Where does your passion for the active pursuit of ESG goals stem from?
A2: “When I joined Barloworld in 2003, I was introduced to value-based management and an inclusive stakeholder approach to long term sustainable value creation. This philosophy resonated with me and in my career, I was able to engage in functions that directly addressed some of the non-financial aspects of stakeholder engagement. On a personal note, I was introduced to Consciousness Coaching early on in my career and this informed my approach to conscious leadership, which I believe is an important aspect of creating a responsible and sustainable organisation.”

Q3: What made you decide to come back and join the Barloworld family once again?
A3: “After taking a sabbatical to pursue personal goals such as travel and studies, I decided that I wished to continue my career in engaging in an area where I can directly influence the organisation in achieving its ESG goals. Barloworld is committed to this journey, and with me having already been part of the journey, it felt right to continue to make a world of difference.”

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