Rebuilding equipment components uses 50-60% less energy than producing new ones.

Maximising productivity, minimising downtime, and extending product life span supports our commitment to sustainable solutions.

Barloworld sustainability

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We at Barloworld are committed to conducting our operations in an environmentally responsible manner and delivering integrated solutions which assist our stakeholders. While we set out to achieve defined targets through energy efficiency and other business practices, our aim is to create sustainable economic, environmental and social solutions and create long-term value to stakeholders, not only to help them achieve their own goals but to make a difference to the public at large.

Sustainability is the result of a change in practices created through a change in perspective. The Barloworld Reman Centres are a perfect example of new thinking around creating better solutions to old problems. These centres, based in Boksburg - South Africa and in Novosibirsk – Russia, specialise in the rebuilding and repair of Cat components, helping our customers achieve optimum Cat component life and reliability through world-class rebuild practices. Off-the-shelf availability of major remanufactured Cat components improves machine availability for customers. However, it’s not just the opportunity to repair machines we see but rather the opportunity to turn the attitude of buying new components towards one of repairing them. It’s also the chance to show that our commitment to our customers’ profitability doesn’t end with the life of a machine or component. We’re here to help them get the maximum value from their assets, whether that means trading in older equipment, reselling, rebuilding or disposal.

By 2016 the number of required artisans, trained by the Barloworld Equipment Technical Training Centre in Isando, is expected to double, and with it the new skills learned. The Barloworld Reman Centre addresses a culture of short-term solutions in a world that requires long-term ones, and up-skills people in the process.

Barloworld believes that sustainability can be seen as a way to rebuild society’s thinking patterns in order to create solutions that benefit tomorrow as much as they benefit today. It’s not just smart business but rather the difference we can make to a greener future through responsible resource stewardship.

For more information on our Sustainability approach and initiatives, click here.

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