Barloworld Commemorates Africa Day 2017

Africa Day is a collective celebration by Africa’s citizens to acknowledge the progress that we, have made, while reflecting upon the common challenges we face in a global environment.  It signifies our recommitment to developing a better Africa and a better world. This year’s theme for Africa Month 2017 is “The Year of OR Tambo: Building a Better Africa and a Better World”. 

History of Africa Day                 
Africa Day marks the establishment of the Organisation of African Unity in 1963 (now the African Union) in celebration of solidarity and freedom.

We asked some of our colleagues what Africa Day means to them. Here’s what they had to say;

Regina Kaunda, Senior HR Business Partner from Barloworld Equipment Zambia says,“African Freedom Day in Zambia borrows its existence from the local peoples drive to free themselves from the harsh Colonial rule, which led to Zambia’s political independence of 1964.

Africa Freedom Day is celebrated with the guarantee that every Zambian can live in a peaceful liberated environment that our freedom fighters paid a price for.

To me, African Day means Freedom from any form of bondage…the right to speak, the right to act, the right to belong, the right to make choices in life, the right to a career of your choice, and many more rights.”

Celso Varagilal, Senior HR Business Partner from Barloworld Equipment Mozambique also added “The fact that being African is not determined by colour. White, Black, Indian, Chinese, Coloured – All of us are African and share a common origin. We are proudest to be an African because we can be us, UNIQUELY AFRICAN”

Mike Sema, CSI, Events and Sponsorship Manager at AVIS Budget Rent a Car, South Africa added “The love affair with one’s homeland can only be traced back to where one was born, that is why I can proudly say, I am born in Africa and Africa is also born in me.

As a proudly South African son of the soil, one looks at the diversity incomparable to any other country with our wildlife, the hills and the valleys, the diversity of our people, the variety in musical cultures, the wonderful mild weather all year round, a host of natural treasures, our diverse floral kingdom, and the world’s most stunning Spring, makes us truly a Rainbow Nation.

As we commemorate Africa Day, we need to understand that this is a day where we celebrate the opportunities for all Africans to reconnect and recommit ourselves to supporting each other to build Africa - a home that we will all be proud to live in.

I am Proudly South African.”

Barloworld message in commemoration of Africa Day
Barloworld invites our colleagues, customers and partners to join us on Africa Day in recommitting to the goal of Building a Better Africa and a Better World as we strive for the sustained development of our nations and upliftment of all our people.

Barloworld has committed to investing in empowerment and transformation with the strategic intent to enhance our competitiveness, credibility, legitimacy and reputation in the eyes of all our stakeholders. Our success depends on quality business decisions, made in an organisational culture which is fully representative of our society in terms of race, gender, disability and all other forms of diversity and we will continue to promote ongoing transformation at all levels in the company.

We encourage the observance of African Day on Thursday, 25th May as we remember the progress made on our continent socially, politically and economically. As fellow Africans’ we encourage unity as we continue to sustain and build our continent in a manner that is free from domination and exploitation.

Africa Day 2017

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