Barloworld is positioned as an industrial processing, distribution and services company with two primary areas of focus: Industrial Equipment & Services and Consumer Industries (food and ingredient solutions), with our remaining interests in the rapidly changing Automotive world, focused on car rental and leasing activities. Our provision of Industrial Equipment and related services, offers earthmoving equipment, industrial services and power systems, which enable the operation and maintenance of a large array of mining, construction and power solutions for our customers, with whom we have built enduring relationships based on mutual trust. Through our Consumer Industries business, Ingrain, we provide large enterprises with the ingredients essential to the manufacturing of a range of products including food and beverages, paper, pharmaceuticals, building materials and adhesives, amongst others

Barloworld has a proven track record of long term relationships with global principals and customers. We have an ability to develop and grow businesses in multiple geographies including challenging territories with high growth prospects. One of our core competencies is an ability to leverage systems and best practices across our chosen business segments. As an organisation we are committed to sustainable development and playing a leading role in empowerment and transformation. The Company was founded in 1902 and currently has operations in 16 countries around the world.

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