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Barloworld: Equipment

Barloworld Equipment has shared a partnership with Caterpillar since 1927 and is the official Cat dealer in 11 African countries, as well as in Spain, Portugal and a significant portion of Russia including Siberia and the Russian Far East. Barloworld is one of Caterpillar’s leading dealers globally, with particular focus on mining and power projects, and the largest in terms of territory.

The Equipment division provides integrated customer solutions including new, used and rental equipment options supported by comprehensive equipment management strategies in mining, construction and related sectors, as well as power systems.

Barloworld Equipment generates skills to sustain its solutions strategy through its Technical Academy in Isando, Johannesburg, together with student accommodation. This facility can train some 2 000 individuals, including learners and upskilling for existing technical employees, annually.

The Barloworld Reman Centre (BRC) in Boksburg, Johannesburg, launched in May 2012, more than doubles existing throughput for Cat engine, hydraulic and drive train rebuilds and is one of the biggest dealer rebuild facilities in the world. Its tooling and equipment will support expected growth in both the size and quantity of Cat components, as well as new product technologies, for at least 10 years.

Barloworld Power offers customers power systems solutions, including the sale of new engines supported by a comprehensive after sales network, in the marine, electric power generation and rail markets in all Barloworld Equipment’s dealership territories.

Our solutions and support include not only the Cat branded product, but also MaK marine engines and Perkins (both wholly owned subsidiaries of Caterpillar). With the increasing opportunities and demand for gas fuelled solutions, Barloworld Power and Caterpillar are able to provide engine solutions tailored to any gas application. 

Our Customised Solution Centres in Madrid, Spain, and Johannesburg, South Africa, manufacture solutions packages using Cat engines and components as well as control systems and panels.

A complete range of Cat generators, dewatering pumps  and lighting masts is available for rent and our rental business is particularly active in the industrial, mining and petrochemical industries, providing temporary power for plant shutdowns and construction projects.

Peter Bulterman
Chief executive officer:
Equipment southern
Africa, Iberia and Russia
Barloworld: Dominic Sewela
Dominic Sewela
Chief executive officer:
Equipment southern Africa
Barloworld: Peter John Blackbeard
Peter John Blackbeard
Chief executive officer:
Power Systems southern Africa, Iberia, Russia and Handling
Barloworld: Viktor Salzmann
Viktor Salzmann
Chief executive officer:
Equipment Iberia and COO Power Systems southern Africa, Iberia and Russia

Barloworld Equipment operates in the following countries

South Africa, Angola, Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, São Tomé and Príncipe, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zambia, Zimbabwe, in JV in the Katanga province of the Democratic Republic of Congo 

Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Cape Verde 
Siberia, Russian Far East 
United Kingdom:  London  
China:  Beijing  
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